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Search Engines

The key part in Search Engine Optimization is as obvious as it sounds, the search engines! It has been known for a long time now that search engines are the source of most people finding a web site. Depending on your business, search engines have the potential to either make or break your company which is why Search Engine Optimization is very important.
Starting from the basics, what is a Search Engine? Search engines are a way of searching through all the web sites on the Internet for something and then giving you the results from your search.
Who are the key players? Google, Yahoo, MSN/Live and Ask (also known as Ask Jeeves). There are other big search engines like AOL, Lycos or Altavista, however these three examples retrieve their search results from one of the other big search engines. AOL from Google, Lycos from Ask and Altavista from Yahoo. So the four listed above are the “important” ones to be in. Google
Search engines (the major ones at least) use what is known as Spiders or Robots to crawl/scan a web site to retrieve the Title, Description, Keywords and all of the visible text content of web sites and adds them to its database. Spiders and Robots work by following links and scanning web sites and then following the links on to each web site that is found from the previous links.
Although these are the big ones you should’t forget about some small search engines also. If you want to promote a recipe book then you might like to look a cooking search engine or directory. Although these search engines and directories get fewer visitors they will be topic specific and thus very important.